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22nd January 2006
There is a massive Chinese Garden in Shanghai. Many karp live there. I spose most of them die there too.

I have spent the last few days in Shanghai, an awesome mix of East and West. During the days I have been a tourist, checking out museums, antique shops, alleyways and traditional Chinese gardens. At night I have been clubbing and dining.

Last night I went out for handmade noodles and spicy lamb at a Xinjiang restaurant, followed by some live music. Sometimes I wonder why I travel so far to do the same things that I do at home... haha...(not funny!). You that are familiar with Sydney's own handmade noodle restaurant would die for the meal last night. It was just like the real thing only better. And cheaper.

Dish 1 - Xinjiang BBQ lamb - but done properly on skewers.
Dish 2 - a cold, spicy eggplant dish. Not swimming in oil.
Dish 3 - "DingDing Noodles". I dunno but it tasted great.

No dumplings last night, but don't worry, I've been getting my fix

After dinner and seeing a blues band at The Cotton Club, I also played my first gig on Chinese soil: a little impromptu set at Oscars, a bar in some funky district of Shanghai.

Shanghai has a real buzz about it, I can see myself spending a lot of time here in the future.



Silk shopping   Narrow alley feat. fat lady smoking.

Click on this picture for a quicktime movie of waving cats.  

This is looking over from the west to the east of the Huangpu, Shanghai's River. Apparently on a clear day it is quite picturesque. But that is a only a rumour.

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